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Hi, you're probably here for one of a few reasons. Family and friends are probably looking for my Photo Gallery or Blog, both of which I will update sometime soon!

The rest of you are probably here because you are looking for one of my Dashboard Widgets for Mac OS X.


U.S. and Canadian TV Listings

Dashboard Dialer for Vonage

Make a phone call with your Vonage account

Tags - CSS, HTML, and PHP

Search for functions, properties and attributes of each of these languages with these three widgets and copy them to your clipboard with just a click.


Tidy up your HTML or XHTML documents directly from Dashboard.

You might also be looking for my wife Rachael Patoray's counseling and art therapy services or her sewing and clothing (re)design business?

Rachael Patoray, LPC, ATR

Counseling and Art therapy
for Individuals, Couples, and Families

(re)Designs by Rachael

Sewing, Reconstruction, Design & Creative Alterations for you and your home.

Do be sure to contact me if you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi. :)