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Baby Chicks - 8 hours in 45 seconds

Posted April 18, 2013
to: Our "Zoo"

We have baby chicks again this year, and this is the first timelapse. The chicks are about 1 week old. 2 Mille Fleurs, 1 Brahma, and 1 silver laced cochin

Bert and Ernie in the barn

Posted February 26, 2013
to: Our "Zoo"

Time lapse of a day in the barn with Bert, Ernie and the chickens. Bert had a bad brush with goat polio a day earlier, was basically blind, and wasn't able to get up, and we wanted to see how he was doing with being able to stand up and move around again.

New Kitten!

Posted March 03, 2006
to: Our "Zoo"

We got a new kitten. I spent a month or so and watched Craigslist for a posting that sounded right, and finally found one from a no kill shelter in The Dalles called CatLink. We drove out on Tuesday and came back with a beautiful little girl named Grace. Apparently she was left at a gas station in White Salmon and rescued. She is the sweetest little thing, purrs non stop, and follows us all around the house.

Big Cat was PISSED! He spent the evening all puffed up and growled and hissed and glared at us for the first day, but has finally started to warm up a bit.

This is about Cat

Posted February 21, 2006
by Jason
to: Our "Zoo"

Cat is weird sometimes and freaks out.