Couch Potato - U.S. and Canadian TV Listings

Mavericks Users: There is an issue with Mavericks and Couch Potato. I am working on an update, which should be out by the weekend of November 2nd. If you want a quick fix, contact me, and I can walk you through the necessary changes.

Couch Potato is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X that will display upcoming programming for your favorite U.S. and Canadian TV channels. Local Broadcast, Cable, Digital Cable, and Satellite programming are all supported.

Couch Potato is designed to make it easy automatically filter out the garbage that you don't ever watch (like Paid Programming!), and can automatically remind you about your favorite upcoming shows.

As of version 1.9, Couch Potato can integrate with your EyeTV device, and tune your device for you.

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Version 1.94 - Released 12/27/10

  • Bugfix for displaying channel names with quotes
  • When switching between lineups and saving preferences, the widget will now auto-refresh.
  • When using more than one lineup, the lineup name and info will be displayed above the "Now Playing" and "Full Schedule" listings.

New in version 1.9:

  • EyeTV integration! Use Couch Potato to change the channels on your EyeTV box. Don't have an EyeTV yet? Order one at
  • Enhanced Details show Original Air Date, Rating, and Closed Captioned Status
  • "New" show designation makes it easier to find new shows.
  • Scheduled and Ignored show lists are alphabetized when saving preferences, making them easier to manage.
  • Fix: Internationalization issues with accented characters

As of September 1st, 2007, listings are provided by Schedules Direct and require a paid subscription.