Couch Potato - Version History

Version 1.94 - Released 12/27/10

  • Bugfix for displaying channel names with quotes. (Thanks Carl!)
  • When switching between lineups and saving preferences, the widget will now auto-refresh. (Thanks Robert!)
  • When using more than one lineup, the lineup name and info will be displayed above the "Now Playing" and "Full Schedule" listings. (Thanks Robert!)

Version 1.93 - Released 9/8/09

  • Various fixes for Snow Leopard
  • New - option for displaying times in 12 or 24 hour format

Version 1.92 - Released 1/24/09

  • New "Now Playing" view shows only the shows that are on right now.
  • New tabbed layout replaces the split screen view. Just click on Now Playing, Full Schedule, or My Scheduled Shows.
  • Many minor interface improvements that have accumulated during my past year of using Couch Potato

Version 1.91 - Released 12/04/07

  • Fix: Fixed a bug in Leopard that caused the widget to become unresponsive

Version 1.9 - Released 11/22/07

  • EyeTV integration! Use Couch Potato to change the channels on your EyeTV box. Don't have an EyeTV yet? Order one at
  • Enhanced Details show Original Air Date, Rating, and Closed Captioned Status
  • "New" show designation makes it easier to find new shows.
  • Scheduled and Ignored show lists are alphabetized when saving preferences, making them easier to manage.
  • Fix: Internationalization issues with accented characters

Version 1.81 - Released 9/08/07

Version 1.8 - Released 5/27/06

  • New color scheme makes it much easier to identify currently playing shows.
  • New listings refreshing system now refreshes every 15 minutes on the quarter hour instead of just every 15 minutes.
  • You can now download up to 24 hours of listings at one time.
  • Completely revamped preferences.
  • Case insensitive matching on shows entered in the Scheduled and Ignored Show lists.
  • New Info button for shows providing detailed descriptions.
  • FIX: Issue with Tooltips on top links.
  • FIX: Bug where your window size would be reset when saving preferences.

Version 1.7 - Released 4/09/06

  • Fix error with Daylight Savings Time (should be a permanent fix, we'll know in 6 months!)
  • Fix error with displaying of overlapping channels (HDTV, some Satellite channels)
  • Error notification if your account has expired.
  • Resizable lower panel. This is experimental, I'm playing with finding the best way to resize the panel. You'll notice that the left and right sets of buttons actually work differently. As always, any ideas and feedback are appreciated.

Version 1.6 - Released 3/06/06

  • IT'S FASTER! Couch Potato has always been a bit "lazy" in the time it took to load the listings when you hit Update Screen. You should find that this version is about twice as fast. :)
  • Fix: ugly php error message when one of the boxes have no shows. Big thanks to all of those who reported it and to those who helped me test this new version and stamp out a few persistent bugs!
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Users/username/Library/Widgets/Couch Potato.wdgt/getScheduledShows.php on line X

Version 1.5 - Released 2/26/06

  • LOTS OF CHANGES! Thanks to all of those who have writtent with ideas and suggestions!
  • Couch Potato is now resizable. (I think that this has been the single largest request, so enjoy!)
  • Wildcard searching. Simply add a * to any line that you want to match with a wildcard. Any line with a * in it (anywhere) will automatically schedule (or ignore) anything with that phrase in the description. For example, to automatically schedule anything with 'Stephen King', you would just enter 'Stephen King*' (or '*Stephen King') in the Shows to Schedule (or Shows to Ignore) field.
  • Multiple lineup support. If you create multiple lineups at, you can specify which lineup to display on the back of the widget. This is great for laptop travellers who want different lineups for different cities.
  • New button to always schedule a specific show that has been added to your schedule.
  • Enhanced status messages.

Version 1.4 - Released 2/12/06

  • Smaller window size. The screen is now 30% smaller!
  • Fix bug where saving preferences would erase saved show list.
  • Fix bug where show titles with a quote couldn't be added to ignore list with checkbox

Version 1.3 - Released 1/5/06

  • Time Zone support! Sorry, I totally forgot about that one! You can now enter your time zone so that all times will no longer based on Pacific time. :)
  • MOST series on MOST channels will now show an original air date in the details IF the show is not new, so you can easily spot repeats.
  • New button next to each show makes it easy to strike a show from your schedule permanently. Just click it once, and the next time you refresh the screen, the show will be gone!

Version 1.2 - Released 12/18/05

  • Fix caching and refreshing issues. (hopefully all bugs are worked out.)
  • Interface enhancements. (Cursor changes, tooltips everywhere!)
  • Version check mechanism (not automatic, there is a button on the back of the widget that you can use to quickly check for a new version.)

Version 1.1 - Released 12/08/05

  • Bugfix. Should take care of problems with initial install and setup before preferences had been set.

Version 1.0 - Released 12/03/05

  • Initial Version, bugs and all. ;)