Dashboard Dialer for Vonage

Vonage has discontinued their Click2Call service.

As a result, DashboardDialer will no longer function.
See here for their full announcement! LOL!

Thanks to everyone that has used DashboardDisler during the past 7 years!
Your feature requests made it as useful as it was!

With Dashboard Dialer, you can initiate a telephone call using your Vonage phone line. When you place a call, your telephone will ring. When you answer your phone, Vonage automatically initiates the call to your destination for you.

Dashboard Dialer version 2.0 combines the features from both the original Dashboard Dialer widget and the second version that was integrated with the Mac OS X Address Book. To place a call, you can either enter a telephone number directly, or you can enter a name and search your address book and click on a number to place a call.

Download DashboardDialer

Version 2.0
Released 11/26/06
Version History and Known Issues

Default View

Dial by Number...
  • Type or Paste in your telephone number in any format. Dashboard Dialer automatically removes any non-numeric characters (parentheses, dashes, and spaces).
    Make sure that the number entered has 11 digits (x-xxx-xxx-xxxx, x(xxx)xxx-xxxx, etc), as Vonage requires 11 digit dialing.
  • Click the Telephone icon to place the call.
Or Search by Name
  • Filters as you type, so you can find your contacts quickly.
  • Filters out Fax numbers and entries without Phone Numbers.
  • Click on a Name to edit that person in Address Book.
  • Click on a Number to place a call.
  • Automatically adds your country and long distance codes (if necessary).
  • Instant status notifications automatically update you as Dashboard Dialer connects to Vonage, sends its instructions, and as Vonage dials your telephone.
  • When you answer your phone, Vonage automatically initiates the call to your destination.
  • Enter your Vonage Username and Password.
  • Click "Get My Number(s)".
  • Choose your phone number from the list of your available numbers.
  • Click "Save Preferences".

Download DashboardDialer

Version 2.0
Released 11/26/06

Known Issues

  • Dashboard Dialer ONLY works with a US-based Vonage account. This feature does not seem to work with Canadian or UK accounts.
  • Dashboard Dialer will no longer reliably make international calls. This seems to be an internal change to the way the Click2Call service works. See this page for more information.
Version History
  • Version 2.0 - Released 11/26/06
    • Merged Original version and Address Book version together into one widget.
    • Various changes and fixes.
  • Version 1.3 - Released 1/29/06
    • Masked Password field on back of widget.
  • Version 1.2 - Released 10/3/05
    • Smaller default footprint (50% Smaller!), expands when dialing.
  • Version 1.1 - Address Book - Released 1/29/06
    • Masked Password field on back of widget.
    • Added an intentional 1 second pause when typing before performing a search, allowing you to type an entire name before triggering a search. This should help with perceived performance with large address books.
  • Version 1.1 - Original - Released 9/10/05
    • Now dials international numbers. I've taken a 'somewhat zenlike' approach to this. Instead of my worrying about the number you are going to dial, I'm going to assume that you know what number you want to dial, and I'm going to simply make sure that any non-numeric characters are removed, and then dial exactly the number you entered.
  • Version 1.0 - Released 8/03/05

"Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is required. To Install this Dashboard Widget, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, unarchive it and double click on the .wdgt file to install it."