iMovie - Export Individual Clips from an iMovie Project

Technically, this was a note to a friend, but I figured someone else might find it useful as well...
  1. Select the clip that you wish to export, control-click on it and choose "Show Info".

  2. The popup window will show you how large the clip is. In this case, my clip is 177 megabytes.

  3. With this clip still selected, choose File -> Export from the menu.

  4. Choose QuickTime from the top tabs, choose Expert Settings from the Drop down menu, and make sure to check the box for "Share selected clips only". This last one is the most important as you don't want to export your whole movie, just a few clips of it

  5. Enter a title, and choose a location to save to, in this case, I'm saving it to my desktop. Make sure that Export is set to "Movie to QuickTime Movie" and that Use is set to "Most Recent Settings". Now, click on the "Options" button

  6. A new popup will appear, where you can set the setting for video and sound. Start by clicking on the "Settings" button.

  7. Choose "Sorenson Video 3", and make sure that settings match the ones shows below. Then click OK.

  8. Now, click on the Size button, and enter the size that you wan to use. iMovie projects are 720x480 by default, but Sorenson scales up nicely, so I export it at 360x240, exactly half the size of the original video.

  9. Sound is probably OK, but if not, click on the settings button and select the settings so that they match the ones shown in the photo below.

  10. Now click OK on the Movie Settings popup, and you'll be back to the save window. Go ahead and click save

  11. It will take a few minutes

  12. When it's finished, find the movie on your desktop, click on it, and choose File -> Get Info from the menu, or use the keyboard shutcut apple-i. You can see that this movie is now only 12.9 Megabytes. Remember the original was 175 megabytes, so you'ved saved 163 megabytes on your computer.

  13. Now, open iTunes and make a new playlist, click on that playlist, and then drag in the video from your desktop. You can name it whatever you want to, and you can now delete the file from the desktop, and you can also delete the clips from iMovie to regain hard drive space.

If you want to see the final movie (it's kind of cute), you can click here to view it in your browser (it might take a few minutes to load). You can also right (control) click on the link and choose Download Linked File to save this file to your computer, where you can add it to iTunes and view it full screen if you wanted to.