Send a message with 'say' across the internet

Send a message with 'say' across the local network

I put this script together a month or so ago, but was inspired to post it when I read the hint "Local network messaging using AppleScript". There are some similarities in our goals, but there are some major differences in our approaches. Mine is more for home use, I use it so that I can bang out a quick message to my girlfriend in the back room while she was working on her computer. For this reason, I choose to use the system voices, so we could have a little fun.
  • It's a shell script, but saved in the scripts folder so that it is usable like any other applescript.
  • It uses Pashua and a php script, which is a great way to build quick GUI interfaces to shell scripts, including php.
  • The mac speaks the message using one of a selected set of the system voices, which can be easily updated.
  • it is done via SSH, so conceivably it could be used over the open internet just as easily and safely.
Here's What it looks like when I choose it from the Script Menu:

And here's the script:

You'll need Pashua downloaded and placed in your ~/username/Applications directory. Simply update the USERNAME@HOST in line 66 to your ssh login information, and you should be good to go. You could easily add a drop-down to choose between a series of different servers or users on a server, but that's an excercise I'll leave up to you.